In 2015, we mark 100 years since the discovery of the Flin Flon ore deposit in Northern Manitoba. The story of modern day Hudbay begins with the company’s long history in Flin Flon. This historic milestone requires proper recognition, which we will do through 2015.

This online museum is part of it, meant to take you back to the origins of the community and the company. It isn’t by any means an all-encompassing history of the deposit or the company or the city, although, on visiting, we hope you’ll appreciate how the success of one underpinned the success of the others.

Hudbay is a company that perseveres. Flin Flon is a community that endures. The determination of both is captured in the photographs and stories from the early days that you will see housed here.

We’re able to tell it because of the effort and care taken by the people of Flin Flon to preserve the chronicle of their past. We thank them for their partnership on this project and we hope you enjoy this look back in time.

- David Garofalo, President and Chief Executive Officer

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The content on this online ‘museum’ is adapted, edited, quoted and sourced from materials as identified and the individuals mentioned below.

Hudbay would like to thank the following for their generous contributions to building the online museum, in particular: The Flin Flon Heritage Project, Tom Burbidge, Gerry Clarke, Vince Dodds, Doug Evans, Frank Fieber, Brenda Niedermaier, Don Peake, Cindy Lahone, the Flon Flon Library staff, and the people of Flin Flon.

To learn more, we’ve included links below to various resources used in the creation of this website. We couldn’t have completed this project without the help of many people.

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