Island Falls

The new mine and its growing population in Flin Flon demanded a local source of energy. To fill this need, the Island Falls power plant was built 60 miles northwest of Flin Flon on the Churchill River in Saskatchewan.

Constructed between 1928 and 1930, it was the first hydroelectric power plant built in Saskatchewan, and it powered the booming town of Flin Flon.

But its construction required ingenuity, careful planning, and teamwork. It was considered to be the most ambitious winter hauling enterprise ever undertaken in Canada. Freighting began in December 1928, and was completed in March 1929.

Construction progressed so well that the No. 1 unit began supplying power to Island Falls on June 8, 1930, and to Flin Flon on June 12, 1930. By 1967, new technology permitted the power plant to be run by remote control, and in 1981 the plant was acquired by SaskPower, which still operates it today.

Source: Northroots Magazine, December/January 2006/2007


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Island Falls